Start by adding questions to your customizer. Those questions will appear in your question panel.


When your customers customize your product, they'll answer those questions by selecting answers.

Adding Questions

  • From the Kickflip dashboard, open your product page and click on BUILD.

  • In the left panel, click on the + button.

There are different types of questions :

Image question

Images are used to visually render products. You will generally need to create an image for each part of your product. With image you can allow your customer to choose colors or textures for a certain area of your product. Learn more

Text question

Allows your customer to enter personalized or add predefined text on your product. Learn more

Logo question

Logos allow your customer to upload an image on your product. Learn more

Value question

Ask your customer a question without a visual effect. Learn more

Learn more

Click here to learn more about building your customizer.

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