Make sure the extension is enabled

Go to your extensions page in your WooCommerce admin, find Kickflip extension, click activate.

Kickflip is having problem syncing with your store

Our server communicates with our extension on your store, there can be multiple reasons why there could be communication errors:

  • Your server is behind a firewall

    • Make sure to allow communication from our servers.

  • Your server configuration returns a 409 for all unknown urls

    • Whitelist the urls to our modules endpoints on your Apache or Nginx server.*

  • Your php code return 409 for all unknown urls

    • Find the PHP code that returns a 409 for unknown urls and allow our module endpoints.*

  • You're developing locally

* we use the non rewritten controller urls: /index.php?/index.php?fc=module&module=Kickflip&controller=test

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