Concretely, when a user clicks on the 'Add to cart' button the following happens:

  • If the Shopify variant already exists, Kickflip uses the existing variant.

  • If the Shopify variant does not exists, Kickflip generates a new variant.


  • Product base price: $10

  • Option A: $2

  • Option B: $3

4 variants would eventually be generated:

  1. mczr_price_10

  2. mczr_price_12

  3. mczr_price_13

  4. mczr_price_15

How does Kickflip handles Shopify's 100 variants limit?

If you offer many pricing options, you will at some point reach Shopify's 100-variants limit. Kickflip will then automatically 'delete' the oldest variant and replace it with the latest variant.

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