Now that you've created your first Kickflip product, added it to your store and made it available online, it might show at 0$ in searches and in category listing:

This happens because we use the PrestaShop API to add an "Impact on price" on your product, so it needs to be set at 0$. Do not change its price within PrestaShop. That's how we can enable dynamic pricing for your custom products.

  1. First, open your Kickflip custom product within your PrestaShop page and click the customize button:

2. Customize your product with the minimum price and click Add to cart:

This will create a "Combination" of your product within PrestaShop, and we'll be able to set it as default for searches and category listing.

3. Head to your PrestaShop Admin Dashboard in Catalog > Products > Your Kickflip custom product

3.1 Open the Combinations tab,

3.2 Select your newly created Combinations as the "Default combination" and click the Save button:

Your product will now display at the price you created:

Extra tip: you can also add product images to your Default combination in the Basic settings tab > click the + button and upload your file(s):

You can then assign them to your Default combination in the Combinations tab > click on the Edit button (pencil thumbnail):

Click on the images you want to set and Save:

Resulting Product detail page:

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