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Start building your customizer
Start building your customizer
Creating questions and answers to build your customizer
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The choice panel

The choice panel is the place in the user interface of a customizer where the customer interacts with the customization options, or 'Questions'.

The customizer title

The customizer title appears on top of the choice panel.


Start by adding questions to your customizer. Those questions will appear in your question panel.


When your customers customize your product, they'll answer those questions by selecting answers.

Adding questions

  • From the Kickflip dashboard, add a new product or open your product.

  • In the left panel, click on the + button.

  • Start by selection the input type, the way your customers are going to interact with the question.

  • Then, select the display type, which is the type of element you want to display.

The Add to cart button

The Add to cart button allows the customer to transfer his order to the ecommerce shopping cart. Once the customer clicks on the Add to cart button, a design is generated in Kickflip. If the user completes his purchase, an order is generated in Kickflip and can be accessed in the Order sheet.

Learn more

Click here to learn more about building your customizer.

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