Creating logic rules
Learn how to use rules to add conditional logic to your customizer
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A logic rule is a conditional statement allowing you to force or restrict optional choices according to other optional choices. It is useful to identify specific combinations of designs that should not exist. Logic rules are created from natural language sentences that look like this:

When helmet material is red then helmet strap material should not be red.

Rules can also be used to show or hide questions in your customizer based on the customer's choice.

Adding a rule

To add a rule:

  1. Log in to Kickflip and open your product.

  2. Click on the Logic button in the top right of the screen.

  3. Click on + Add rule.

Editing a rule

To edit a rule, hover over the rule and click on the Pencil icon.

Duplicating a rule

To duplicate a rule, hover over the rule and click on the Duplicate icon.

Deleting a rule

To delete a rule, hover over the rule and click on the Trash icon.

Renaming elements linked to rules

If you rename an image, text, logo or value that is linked to a rule, the rule will be automatically modified with the updated name.

Deleting or archiving elements connected to rules

If you archive or delete an element but have created rules using that element, your rules will stop working. Make sure to edit or delete your rule. A red exclamation mark and warning message will be displayed next to your rule to remind you to fix it.

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