For image, logos and text, you can edit the display settings to modify the way users interact with and visualize these elements in your customizer.

Changing the display settings of a question

  1. Open your product.

  2. Open the question for which you want to change the display setting.

  3. Next to Display type, click on the setting icon.

  4. From there, select the desired display settings.


When this setting is turned on:

  • The rest of the product will fade out when the customer's mouse hovers over a logo or image.

  • Clicking on an image will display the question panel for that image.

The focusable setting can be practical if you have a complex product. You should turn it off for elements that aren't customizable like a background or shadow. In the example below, the focusable setting has been activated to display the Backrest and Seat image.

Force highlight

The image will automatically be highlighted when the customer opens or interacts with a question related to it. This can help the customer to understand which part of the product he is customizing.

Highlight group

When hovering over any part of the group, every part of that group will be highlighted. Only two questions can be part of a group.

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