Instead of creating images for every color you are offering, you can apply colors dynamically on an image.

Creating an image question

To apply colors on an image, you must first create an image question, create an answer within than question and upload an image.

Using mostly white images

If you will build your customizer using dynamic coloring, it is important to desaturate the color on your product images closest to white as possible so that the color appears bright and clear on the images.

Creating a color question

Creating a color question from your image question

By using this method, you can automatically link a color question to an image question.

  1. Open your image question

  2. In the right panel, under display type, click on the + Color question button.

Creating a color question from the add menu

  1. Click on the + button in the top left part of the screen.

  2. Under Select input type, you can pick Thumbnail, Dropdown, Radio or Label. Learn more about input types.

  3. Under Select a display type, pick Color, then hit Create.

  4. Within the right panel, under Display Type, next to Apply on, click on + Image question.

  5. Under Select existing question, click on your image question.

  6. You can now see that your color question is linked with your image, it the left panel.

Adding colors

  1. Select you color question by clicking on it in the left panel.

  2. In the right panel, next to Color answers, click on the + button.

  3. Enter a name for your color (By default, it will be named 'Untitled Answer');

  4. Type in a Hex or RGB code, or use the color picker to select your color.

  5. Hit Create.


If you wish to create a more realistic finish to the color, we recommend using the lighting settings. Higher values will render a whiter, more intense lighting.

Creating color variants

If you add more than one color in your question, your customers will be able to select an answer and the customizer will display the color based on that choice.

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