You can connect multiple online stores with your Kickflip account, as long as they are all on the same ecommerce platform.

For example, if you have Shopify accounts for Europe, USA and Canada, you can connect all of these with your Kickflip account and assign different products and prices to each online store.

To add an online store :

  1. Open your Kickflip dashboard

  2. In the Online stores section, click on + ADD ONLINE STORE

    1. Shopify
      If you are on Shopify, you will be redirected to our app page on the Shopify App Store. Click on Add app and enter the online store’s URL you wish to add. You will then be prompted to enter your Kickflip credentials, and voilà!

    2. Custom Ecommerce
      If you have a custom ecommerce, select Custom ecommerce, type your online store name and URL and choose a currency. Then click on ADD.

If you wish to connect Kickflip to several stores on different platforms, you will have to create new accounts. To save time setting up your new accounts, feel free to reach out to the Kickflip team at and ask us to import your products into your new account.

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