Generating print-ready files
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Kickflip allows you to automatically generate PDF print files from your customers' designs.

Adding a print area to your product

  1. Open your product.

  2. From the left side panel, open a Logo question, or create a new one.

  3. From the right side panel, under Display type, next to Apply on, click on + Print area.

  4. A print area will be created. If you have already created a print area, you can select it.

  5. The print area setting panel opens.

Setting the correct parameters for your print area

  • Title: We recommend you give your print area a meaningful title (ie: Front print).

  • Design view: The design view refers to the view where customers can upload logo files and apply transformations.

  • DPI: This is the resolution of your print-ready file, or how many dots per inches it will have. The higher the DPI, the sharper the printed result will be.

  • Units: Your print area can be measured in inches, centimeters, millimeters or pixels.

  • Width and height: Use these fields to set the real life size of the print area on your product.

  • Bleed: This is a margin around the print-ready file that will be cut out once the file is printed. It allows you to extend a design outside the real dimensions to prevent an undesirable white outline.

  • Safety margin: This margin defines the safe area in which all the important information should be contained. For example, if you are printing business cards, all the text should be within the safe area.

Positioning the print area on your product

You should position the print area on your product and make it visible only on the required views. You can do so anytime the print area panel is open by clicking on the print area rectangle on the product.

Adding multiple logos images or texts to the same print file

Once a print area is created, it can be reused throughout your product.

If you assign a print area to multiple logos, or texts they will all be present in the same PDF when you download the design files.

Allowing customers to move, resize and rotate a logo image

Once you added your print area to a logo, a new settings section will appear in your logo panel.

Use the move, resize and rotate toggles to decide which actions will be allowed for your customers.

Allowing customers to move and rotate a text


The move and rotate settings are only available with text areas.

Once you added your print area to a text, a new settings section will appear in your text panel.

Use the move and rotate toggles to decide which actions will be allowed for your customers.

Downloading the print files

Once a product has a print area, the print files will be generated for each print area when the customer clicks on add to cart or share. Learn more.

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