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FAQ / Troubleshooting
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Is the transaction fee charged for every sale on my site, or just the ones that use the Kickflip app?
How to report a bug to Kickflip
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Adding a discount to prices on Shopify
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Can I rename the 'Add to cart' button
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If I hit the 'Publish' button, will it publish my product on my online store?
Why do I see a red exclamation point icon besides my image?
What should I do if my customizer is slow?
When can I expect an answer from customer support?
How we manage feature requests
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Why do we charge transaction fees?
Can I import or copy images, texts, and colors from one product to another?
Can I translate my customizer with a third-party app?
Will Kickflip send confirmation emails when an order is placed?
Why are the customized properties hidden in my Shopify cart order summary?
Why doesn't my cart show the customized product image?
Kickflip uptime
What should I do if the Add to Cart button loads indefinitely
How to prevent multiple designs from having the same text values