If you are developing locally then it probably means that your server is unreachable from the internet. This means the automatic sync between Kickflip server and the module on your store isn't possible.

Manually syncing the online store

  1. Go to your Kickflip dashboard and open the online stores page. Find the online store you want to sync and click on it.

  2. You should see a warning card like the one below:

  3. Click on the sync code input in order to copy it to your clipboard.

  4. On your WordPress admin panel, navigate to the Kickflip settings ( WooCommerce > Kickflip):

  5. Paste the Sync code in the Sync code input and click Sync:

  6. Voila! Your online store is synced for local development.

* The warning card won't disappear from your online store page until your server becomes reachable because manual sync is only meant to be used for local development.

Manually adding products

  1. Open your product builder on Kickflip.

  2. Click on 'Connect' tab.

  3. Click on 'Design starting point' for your online store.

  4. You should see a sync code input like the one below.

  5. Click on the sync code input in order to copy it to your clipboard.

    Sync with existing WooCommerce product:

  6. Go to your existing product page on WooCommerce.

  7. In the product type dropdown select Kickflip Product.

  8. Click on the Kickflip tab below the dropdown.

  9. Paste the code in the Starting Point text field and save the product.

    Create new WooCommerce product:

  10. On your WooCommerce admin navigate to the Kickflip settings ( WooCommerce > Kickflip).

  11. Paste the sync code in the sync code input and click sync.

  12. Voila! Your product is created.

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