Images are used to visually render products. You will generally need to create an image for each part of your product.

Adding an image question

1) Open your product;

2) Click on the + button on the left;

3) Click on Image.

A question is automatically added to the question panel.

Uploading images in a question

1) In the right panel, next to Images, click on the + button or;

2) Drag your image in the droppable area; This opens a panel where you can upload an image for each view.

Once you have uploaded an image:

  • It is displayed in the product preview.

  • An answer is created in your question (The customer's final choice).

HINT! You can upload the images for different views all at once. Select them in the order you want them to appear in your customizer and drop them all in the droppable zone.

Creating an image variant

If you upload another image in your question, a second answer appears. Your customer can now select an answer and the customizer will display the image based on that choice.

Moving your image question behind the scene

Drag any question you do not wish your customer to interact with in the Behind the scene section (bottom, left panel).

Applying color on an image

Click here to learn how to apply colors to your product.

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