Images are used to visually render products. You will generally need to create an image for each part of your product.

Creating an image question

  1. Click on the + button in the top left part of the screen.

  2. Under Select input type, you can pick Thumbnail, Dropdown, Radio, Label, or None. Learn more about input types.

  3. Under Select a display type, pick Image, then hit Create.

Adding images answers

  1. Open your image question by clicking on it in the left panel.

  2. In the right panel, next to Image answers, click on the + button.

  3. This opens a panel where you can upload an image for each view by clicking on browse or by dropping your image within the dotted rectangle area.

  4. Hit the Create button when you are done.

Once you have created your answer and uploaded an image within it, your image is displayed in the product preview area and the answer is visible in the question panel.

Creating an image variant

If you upload more than one image in a question, your customer will be able to select an answer and the customizer will display correct the image based on that choice.

Applying color on an image

Instead of creating images for every color you are offering, you can apply colors dynamically on an image. Learn more

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