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A text question allows your customers to type text or display predefined text values on certain areas of your product.

Creating a text question

  1. Open your product.

  2. Click on the + button in the top left part of the screen.

  3. Under Select input type, you can pick Thumbnail, Dropdown, Radio, Label, Text input or None. Learn more about input types.

  4. Under Select a display type, pick Text, then hit Create.

Choosing between personalized text or predefined values

The input type you choose will determine whether your customers can type in their own text or select a predefined one.

Text input

Text input allows your customer to type text.

If that's what you choose, you can set a placeholder text. When your customer has not entered any text, the placeholder will appear on your product. The default placeholder is "Your text".

Choosing one of these input types will allow you to offer predefined text values. Next to Text answers, click on the + button to add your text answers.


You can add a text to your product without allowing your customers to interact with it by choosing 'None'.

Showing or hiding a text in a view

For each of your product views, you can decide to show or hide your text.

  1. Select your text question in the left panel.

  2. Navigate to the view where you want to show or hide your text.

  3. Within the text toolbar, next to View, hit the checkbox to display the text or uncheck it to hide the text.

  4. You will see this message on the product preview when your text is hidden.

Selecting your text

  1. You can select your text simply by clicking on it. When it is selected, a blue path becomes visible and a tooltip "Editing text position" also appears.

  2. You can also select your text question in the left panel and within the text toolbar, click on the Edit button.

Editing the size and position of your text

Text on straight path

  • Select this option for straight single line texts.

  • Use the dots at each end of the path to position it.

  • You can move the path by dragging it.

  • You can align the text on the left, center or right.

  • If the text entered by the customer is longer than the path, it will be automatically scaled down when it reaches the end points of the path. If you don't want that to happen, you can set a character limit.

Text on curved path

The text on the curved path works exactly like the text on straight path. Move the four dots around to edit the curve.

Text area

  • Select this option for multiline texts.

  • You can align the text on the left, center or right.

  • Use the dots at each corner of the text area to resize it.

  • Your can rotate the text area by moving the dot located on top of the box.

  • You can move the text area by dragging it.

  • If the text entered by the customer is longer than the text area, it will disappear when it reaches the end. If you don't want that to happen, you can set a character limit.

Setting your text color

  1. To edit your text color, click on the colored circle in the text toolbar.

  2. From there, you can type in a Hex or RGB code, or select a using the color picker.

Learn how to offer many text colors, by creating a text color question.

Changing the font of your text

  1. To change the font of your text, click on the F icon in the text toolbar.

  2. Upload a font by clicking on browse. You can upload TTF, OTF, WOFF and WOFF2 font files. If you are mostly targeting users with modern browsers, you can only use WOFF and WOFF2 formats. If you want to expand support as wide as possible, upload OTF and TTF files as well.

Learn how to offer many fonts, by creating a font question.

Adding a text outline

  1. To add an outline , click on the A icon in the text toolbar.

  2. Set the outline width to any value greater than 0px and select a color for your outline.

Learn how to offer many text outlines, by creating a text outline question.

Setting the font size

  1. Within the text toolbar, type in your font size in the font size input field or click on the chevron down icon next to it and drag the slider.

  2. You can set a different font size for each product view. To do so, switch to the view you wish to edit and then modify the font size.

Learn how to offer many font sizes, by creating a font size question.

Setting the text maximum length

If you have chosen Text field as your input type, you can set a text maximum length.

Under Input type, next to Text max length, type the maximum character quantity a customer is allowed to type in the text input box.

Showing the a character counter

Activate the Show char count toggle to display the quantity of characters typed by the customer and the maximum character quantity allowed.

Allowing only letters or numbers

You can choose whether to allow letters, numbers, or all characters in your text input field.

Within your text question, under Input type > Characters, pick Allow all, Letters only or Numbers only.

Converting typed text to lowercase or uppercase

You can choose to transform typed text into lowercase or uppercase.

Within your text question, under Input type > Text modifier, pick None, Uppercase or Lowercase.


This will convert any text typed by the customer to uppercase,
e.g. 'My Text' will become 'MY TEXT'.


This will convert any text typed by the customer to lowercase,
e.g. 'My Text' will become 'my text'.

Masking your text

Masking your text will prevent it from overlapping on certain images.

Next to Mask, click on the Edit button and then select the images you wish to use as a mask. There will be a masking effect on your text when it leaves these images.

For example, the "BLENDING" text is masked to confine it to the Palm image.

Applying a multiply effect on your text

Within your text question, toggle on Multiply to blend your text color with the image under it.

Note : The multiply effect will not be optimal if the image under the text is dark.

Applying a neon effect on text

You can apply a neon effect on your text.

Within your text question, toggle on Neon effect.

Linking text questions

To make questions share the same answer, you can link them together. Learn more.

Preventing bad words from being typed

You can activate the ‘Bad words filter’ to prevent certain words or idioms from being typed by your customers. Learn more.

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