If you are using Shopify and you have enabled your store to sell in multiple currencies, you have set a conversion rate, price adjustments and might have enabled price rounding.

In Kickflip, the conversion rate will be pulled automatically from your Shopify store. However, the Shopify API does not expose the price rounding or price adjustments. That is why you have to manually enter those value is Kickflip and make sure they match the ones from your Shopify store.

  1. Open your Kickflip dashboard.

  2. In the left menu, open the Online stores section.

  3. Select your online store.

  4. Under Multi-currency, click on Edit currencies.

  5. If you have enabled Price rounding in Shopify, click on Enable next to the Rounding section.

  6. Your currencies will be displayed in a list. For each of them, set the rounding value and price adjustment to match the ones you have set in your Shopify account.

  7. Hit Save when you are done!

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