Have you thought of new features that would help you offer a more adapted customization experience if added to Kickflip? We're always open to new suggestions and glad to receive feedback that will be useful in upgrading our software. Your feedback is important to help us understand what would make our app more adapted to your company.

Here is how we approach your feature requests to maximize our team's efficiency and overall customer satisfaction:

  1. Your feature requests fall into our technical support team's inbox, and we may offer an alternative solution that renders the same result you are aiming for as a first resort. Or else, we move on to the following step.

  2. We analyze the the scope of customers this new feature would provide a plus-value to. It's important for us to have happy customers, and we have to ask ourselves to what extent this specific feature will improve the experience of using our app and if this feature addition will be beneficial for the majority of our users.

  3. If we consider this will benefit most of our users, we push it through our developer pipeline, where a prioritized list of bug fixes, development projects and feature requests lay pending as our dedicated team works tirelessly towards completing all the requests in our pipeline.

  4. Finally, when a feature request is approved, our team works together to design, develop and test it in order to offer the most polished features for our esteemed customers. When new features are available, we contact our users by email to inform them.

We really appreciate your ideas on features that would be useful to your company in bringing the customization experience you offer your customers to the next level.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at: help@gokickflip.com.

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