When you build a product with images, texts or logos, each of these elements have their own layer. Layers are are stacked on top of each other like sheets of acetate.

Layers allow you to reorder images, texts and logos in the order you want them to appear.

E.g. For an iPad case, you might want to drag the ‘exterior elastic’ component on top of the ‘exterior case’ so that the elastic is displayed in the final product and not hidden behind a larger image component.

Reordering layers

To edit the position of a layer:

  1. Open your product.

  2. Click on the Layers icon (top left).

  3. Drag your layers up or down the list. A layer that is located on top of the list will appear on top of the layers positioned below.

Hint: Make sure to position your texts and logos on top of your layers list to prevent them from being hidden behind other parts of your product.

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