Once customers complete their purchases, the corresponding order details will be available in the Orders section.

Accessing orders

  1. Log into your Kickflip dashboard.

  2. In the left side bar, click on Orders.

  3. Click on an order to see the order sheet including all the order details and product images.

Viewing the order sheet

When you click on an order, the order sheet appears listing detailed information about it. The order sheet contains :

  • All the choices made by the customer, such as the materials, colors, texts, etc.

  • The order time and time zone;

  • The picture of the customized product;

  • The number of units;

  • The total amount paid.

All of this data is also accessible through our API.

Downloading the product images

You can download the product images by clicking on the Download All Images button.

Printing the order sheet

The order sheet can be printed using the Print Order button.

Quickly navigating to the next or previous order

To quickly navigate to the next or previous order, you can click on the PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons at the bottom of the order sheet.

Choosing which data will appear in the order sheet

Learn how to manage your order data.

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