A logo is used when you want to allow your customers to upload an image and apply it on a product. You may also provide preset logos or images.

E.g. You could allow a customer to upload an image to be displayed on the front of a T-shirt.

Adding a logo question

  1. Open your product;

  2. Click on the + button on the left;

  3. Click on Logo.

  4. A logo question is automatically added to the question panel.

Offering pre-set logos

  1. Click on the + button in the right panel and the Create;

  2. Upload a transparent png image of the logo for it to appear on your product.

For each of your product views, you can show or hide a logo.

1. Under Size and position, select a View.

2. Activate or deactivate the toggle Show logo in view X.

Under Size and position, click on EDIT.

Uploaded images will be resized to fit inside the bounding box if they are too large. Please note that we never scale up images to avoid quality loss.

Moving the logo area

Drag and drop the log area to edit its desired position.

Rotating the logo area

Drag the rotate tool in a circular motion.

Resizing the logo area

Drag and drop the control dots located at corners of the logo area.

Masking your logo

You can hide the logo if you wish to avoid it overlapping on certain images.

Under Mask, select all the images for which you want the logo to be confined within and it will mask the logo part that spills out of those images.

Under Blending option, activate the ‘Multiply’ toggle if you want your logo to blend with the image under it.

Black and white

The uploaded logo will be converted to black and white.


The uploaded logo will be transparent.

You will be able to download the original uploaded file in the order sheet or retrieve it using our API.

File formats

Customers can upload EPS, AI, PDF, PNG or JPG images files. Our software will convert those files to display them on the product preview. You will be able to download the original uploaded file in the order sheet or retrieve it using our API.

Adding your logo in a Print Area

Within a logo question, you can create a print area. This will allow you to generate print-ready files and allow your customers to move, resize and rotate your logo.

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