Starting Points consist of different customized examples of the same product. They serve as a base for your customer to choose from. You may add as many starting points as you wish to help the your customer with their design.

Starting points by Polarfeece

To see your starting points, open your product, and click on the Connect tab.

Default starting point

When you publish your product for the first time, a default starting point is created. A green default design label is displayed next to it.

Updating the default starting point

Whenever you modify and publish your product, your default starting point will be updated.

Setting a default answer

  1. Within your product, open a question.

  2. Within the right side panel, hover over the answer you would like to set as default.

  3. Click on the more icon and click on Set as default.

Setting default answer

Please note that text inputs and uploaded logos can not appear in starting points.

Creating a starting point

  1. Open your product, and click on the Connect tab.

  2. Click on + Design starting point

  3. Name your starting point. This name will appear as your product’s name in your online store.

  4. Design you starting point by selecting an answer for each question.

  5. Hit the Create button.

Editing a starting point

You can always edit your starting points. The changes you make will appear in your online store. To edit a starting point:

  1. Within your product, under the Connect tab, click on more icon next to the starting point you wish to edit and then click on Edit.

  2. Make your changes.

  3. Hit the Save button.

Updating starting points

If you have made modifications to your product, your starting point might not be up-to-date anymore. An exclamation point icon will appear next to your starting point to let you know. Editing your starting point will fix this.

Deleting a starting point

If you delete a starting point, it will also be removed from your online stores. This action cannot be undone.

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